Cmyc Champs 2023

Today was a fabulous sailing day. We started off in a light southerly and finished with a moderate nor easterly…..and the weather was warm. Bob Torrie did a fine job as RO and I was assistant. In the southerly Bob set a trapezoid course with 2 laps, in the NE breeze he dropped one of the four marks but still had 2 laps. I am always interested how few sailors turn up for the J champs each year, of course 3 were not aware they were on and turned up too late to sail. Today there we had 5 different sailors winning heats, and with 2 discards I could not pick the winner but had a fair idea who would mount the podium, so congratulations to Graham, Graeme and Ron for this honour. Today I saw Glen hit marks twice, and each time he exonerated with penalties, plus a few others hit marks and did penalties, however, 2 different sailors hit marks but did not exonerate, I make mention of this to remind sailors who do not exonerate their breaches, it is not often these things go unnoticed by someone. In general the behaviour was good and I think the race being reduced to 12 heats worked well.

Unfortunately I cant recall episodes of humour so this is a bit of a dry bone. Well, dinner is being served by our maids and butler so I must dash off.