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Day 1: Sunday JUNE 14th 2020 1.30PM
Day 2: Sunday JULY 12TH 2020 1.30PM
Day 3: Sunday AUGUST 9th 2020 1.30PM

Greetings to everyone,

The Notice of Race and sailing Instructions is attached, all is simple and basic, as the event is a bit “relaxed. All results will be counted regardless if you attend for one or all of the days.

When at this lake everyone is asked to;
Keep the footpath clear so pedestrian traffic is not inconvenienced or inhibited.
DO NOT park on the grass. The carpark is not big and might be easily filled.
Avoid the wildlife, ducks, gulls, geese and swans.
We will be watched so best behaviour please.

We suggest;
Clean or disinfect your hands before touching anything to be consumed.
Toilets are in the park, about 100 meters away.
You will need gumboots or a friend with them.

Notice of Race


GPS coodinates: 43°34’11.5″S 172°33’19

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