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Photos and results for North Island Canterbury J Class Champs are all here, take a look!

The main venue used and set up permanently for the club is at the other end of this lake quite some distance away, it’s a big lake and an irregular shape. This end was just for us.

Note in some photos you will see a “committee boat” used on the start line, a great and novel idea

I started off with Friday afternoon with Antony Sisson, met The Tauranga Radio Sailing Club Commodore, Carl Smith, whom I have spoken with but not previously met, spent the night with Antony and then to the venue on Saturday morning.

Carl Smith was Race Officer for the day and that wasn’t easy as the lake was like glass and what little breeze came through changed constantly but we had two fun races before stopping for lunch, we got a bit more breeze in the afternoon and completed 10 more races.

The Tauranga club made arrangements and laid on a small feast in the local pub within walking distance and it was great to sit and chat.

Spent the night in Katikati with Dave and Gaye Hemsley and back to the lake on Sunday where Graham Roberts was Race Officer and the day much better. 10 races were done, the last two of which were a real marathons, each leg maybe a third longer than Victoria here in Christchurch and it was twice round.

The Canterbury J is in good hands, well looked after and the traditional or classic timber deck type of build is all there is, these boats look fantastic and are well cared for, long may that continue.

Be real nice to see a few Southerners up there next year, I know from the hospitality and friendship shown to me, you will enjoy yourselves.

A big thanks to Carl Smith, Graham Roberts, Ant Sisson, Dave Hemsley and the Tauranga Radio Sailing club for a most enjoyable two day event, It was thoroughly enjoyed.


North Island Champs Results

North Island Champs Results



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