Hi everyone,
Today,[30th September 2018], at Lake Victoria we had our celebratory 21st anniversary regatta.

We had 9 of the original 12 boats present (8 sailing), who had three heats all to themselves, after which another 20 boats and their skippers joined in the sailing for a pretty enjoyable day.

We had visitors from Timaru, partners and family, who all joined in for a veritable feast fit for royalty afterwards.

The original boats we could find, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11 & 12 are now recognised as “historic” and all have plaques identifying them as such. This was something suggested and managed by Graeme Raxworthy who made the presentation.

Launched today by Rodney Ford is a beautifully presented book on the Canterbury J Class (One Design) Owners Association Inc. covering it from day one to the present day. Rodney has done a superb job of things and for those wanting a copy, please contact Rodney direct at [email protected]

We were genuinely astounded at the turnout today, it was most gratifying to see the numbers at the lake and the help that was given freely to get things ready, done and then cleaned up, was really incredible, thank you to all.
At last a big thanks to Graeme, Rodney and Vern for everything they did to make the day happen.
This is the stuff that gives the committee incentive to do more.


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