Goodwill Trophy

2002Ian KingtonWho when seeing Laurie Wales fall from grace and into the dinghy, commented "I feel a poem coming on!"
2012Ralph BiggsFouled by other boats and taking it all magnanimously
2013Graham ManderPresented to Graham for his sportsmanship in helping set up competitors yachts before racing and the way he conducts himself on the water.
2014Thysje ArthurPresented by Graham Mander to Thysje Arthur for the way she so graciously accepted J75 slipping past in at least two heats when so near to the finish line, lesser folk would have been tearing her hair out. Her very presence at these events seems to have a calming effect on the grumpy old men whose behaviour is much better when she attends. May this continue for many years. Oh! And bring Tom along too!
2015Peter CroftsFor sailing the "wrong boat" before the start of the first Championship. Well his day could only improve from there
2016Roy Bickerstaffe
2017Ron Bedyn
2018Doug Abbott

Enterprise Trophy

2011-2012CrisscrossChris Koskela
2012-2013WalrusTom Arthur
2013-2014White PlagueLeon Blewett
2014-2015J106Ron Bedyn
2015-2016J268Robin Brooker
2016-2017J252Leon Blewett

Auld Mug Trophy

2011-2012J231Graeme Raxworthy
2012-2013J147Cyrus Berry
2013-2014J177Robin Brooker
2014-2015J209 -J121Denis Rump-Glen Church
2015-2016J269Cliff Bishop
2016-2017J255Roger France
2017-2018J263Stephen Anderson

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