The Association has in stock new hulls, decks, bow bumpers and other parts.

All prices are NZ Dollar. Freight is extra. 

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 Size-WeightCurrent Price [plus freight & packing]
Subject to change without notice
deck_1single deck, measures 1225L X 225W X 20H weight approx 300grams$90.00
single bare hull_1single bare hull, measures 1225L X 220W X 210H weight approx 700gram$230.00 including lead
single hull with rudder_1single hull with rudder kit, measures 1225L X 220W X 210H weight approx 750grams$260.00 (incl brass rudder tube preglassed into hull & brass rudder kit)
single lead_1Single lead, measures 345L X 125H X 30W ea weight approx 4.25KG eaCOST included with hull
brass rudder kit_1Brass rudder kit, Tube, blade frame and bottom gudgeon, measure 340L X 35W X 5H weight
approx 39grams
$20.00 as kit or $30.00 if tube preglassed into hull (see hull)
mast box_1Mast box, measures 230L X 40W X 12 H weight approx 15 gramsCOST $30.00
bow  bumper_1bow bumper measures 70L X 40 H X 20W weight approx 5 grams.$15.00

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