winter day 2
thanks to Nick Richardson for the pic

A record turnout of 17 skippers enjoyed what was arguably one of the best sailing days we have had at Westlake for the Winter Series with a nice [but cool] NE breeze.
Race Officers Jim and Colin set a triangular course which proved ideal as the wind shifted around and eased later in the contest. While there were a few entanglements they were mostly exonerated with penalties
Congratulations to the podium winners Polly Parratt, Peter Bradley and Bruce Lang overall and Rodney Ford, Nick Richardson and Allen Anderson handicap.
8 races with 2 discards.
Full results below and up on the website shortly.
Just a point regarding handicaps. New skippers need to compete in a few contests before their rankings self correct to give a truer picture of their rank relative to other cJOA skippers.

winter day 2 fleet


winter day 2 handicap